Oil & Gas Energy

With such professionals at the helm of affairs at Optical Global Engineers Limited (OGE), we provide excellent consultancy in Oil and gas trading and management, mining and quarrying, and Project funding.

Petroleum Products

Oil and Gas trading is one on the major sectors that has suffered many setbacks as a result of long faceless persons along the procurement chain.

The otherwise noble and simple trade has become a minefield of ‘want to be’ mandates and supply. This has scared potential buyers and sellers alike.

We at Optical Global Engineers Limited (OGE) understand how crucial and devastating it is when sensitive documents land in the hands of otherwise genuine mandates and ‘want to be’ sellers and their likes. We believe that it’s possible to effect a trade by scrutinizing every document with our highly advanced tech module that ascertain the veracity of each one of them. We talk to refineries or their mandate first, seek proof of product with coordinates, and have a product inspection before we exchange sensitive documents. Our suppliers and potential buyers have been well vetted to own products and tittles to products before we engage them.




Date of Issue:  June 24, 2020

Date of Expiration: December 30, 2020

Ref Oil-Products:

To; End Buyer / Mandate


We at Optical Global Engineers Company Limited mandate Refineries in Russia with legal responsibility under penalty of Perjury Hereby Confirm the Availability and Capability to Supply the under-listed products for Immediate Spot and Contract sales. The Supply is guaranteed to meet the specifications and pass through the stringent requirements of SGS or Equivalent. A financial Statement from the Buyer's bank clarifying the buyer's financial capability may be required to consider the buyer's negotiations. Only direct negotiations from end buyers, representatives, and mandates will be considered.

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