IP Systems

Are you looking to set up your office space with a functional intercom? Look no further. We are in the position to network your environment with the needed equipment to provide seamless communication.

IP Telephony /IT Systems and Networking

Business VoIP service can be efficiently employed to manage your business calls, build a stronger relationship with customers, and improve your sales. With the VoIP service, the size of your business doesn’t really matters whether small, midsize or big.

This service combine excellent performance with both cost savings and capabilities that old-fashioned telephone simply can't match. Due to our excellent work delivery and high competency, we have gained recognition from several leading VoIP business solution developers. Among is Zycoo Co., Ltd which we are their African partner. At OGE we focus on customers’ needs to deliver valuable and reliable products and solutions to our customers.



We can help your businesses run smoothly by interconnecting devices to one main system known as a server. Computers in various offices  are configured such that data or information sharing becomes swift and accessible wherever one finds himself. All computer systems, computer programs, networks, hardware, software, electronic databases and websites used to control a system can also be managed by our highly experienced technical team.


IT Security

You can watch and listen to real time video and audio from our network enabled DVR’s installed anywhere in the world over the internet via a broadband connection. You can even playback recordings, control Pan Tilt & Zoom security cameras and more with our amazing products.

Optical Global Engineers Limited offers its engineers to advise its customers on the best technical choices, whether it is a system and network integration project or a specific development issue. We help you to maintain your high-performance computer equipment adapted to your needs. We are your unique interlocutor on your problems around your LAN / MAN / WAN networks, your workstations, your hardware and software.

OGE provide security solutions to its Clients like corporate bodies, institutions etc.we undertake installation  of CCTV camera, access control and time attendance devices to suit your specification.