Precious Minerals

Optical Global Engineers Limited (OGE) are direct mandates to suppliers of pure gold and other precious minerals. With many years of experience in gold trading, we’ve identified that trust is the main issues between sellers of the product and prospective buyers. We at Optical Global Engineers Limited (OGE) have a tested and a solid transactional process in collaboration with selected and trusted banks that uses financial instruments like Standby Letter of Credit, DLC, Bank Guarantee etc among other to allay the fears and apprehensions between sellers and buyers. You can confidently count on us to do what others dread of.


Mining and Quarrying

Optical Global Engineers Limited (OGE) provides both funding and expertise in the field of mining. We engage the very best of industrial expert to prospect, mine and operate our field. We seek potential field owner to partner. Provide us with your fieldwork, detailing sample test and modules and we will link you with the right investors to pre finance and a team of mining engineers to operate and mine.

Mining Equipment Rentals

In January 2020, OGE was assigned as global vendor for CAT International. The basic brain behind this segment of our business was to usher every products of CAT directly to the door steps of mining and construction firms the world over. In this department our scope of work includes hiring, leasing and outright sales of all CAT equipment. From the lowest to the highest scale of clients, we provide both equipment, spare parts and accessories. Strategically, our plan is to meet the profit demand of each client; and as such OGE/CAT dream under consideration is to incorporate fuel-efficient technology, to provide our clients with best value for money.

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Mining Equipment Rentals

Our Delivery Procedure:
Under COVID 19 protocol conditions, our equipment are fully tested and lined up our for express shipments. Our supply chain departments have gone through the necessary COVID 19 protocol arrangements for express services. In maximum of a week we finalize shipment process and prior to arrival to the receiving port OGE forwards all necessary document and ensure regular correspondence to our receiving clients to ensure timely delivery.